Kind Words

“We reached out to Tenneson and Quanita hoping to find partners in our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work. Our curriculum included protected space for medical students to meet in small groups called “Care Teams,” where they could discuss challenging topics and debrief lecture content. The Circle Trainings were meant to provide a framework for students to serve as peer facilitators in these Care Teams.

After just one Circle training session, I could feel that something was different about this kind of education. Though the students had been with us in classroom, labs and skill centers since late August, this was the first time we were teaching them how to truly care for each other. Each learner was given permission to be present, authentic and vulnerable and the students responded with gratitude. My hope is that these medical students are starting to learn how to create that same permission and space for their future patients.” 

Stephanie White, DO
Associate Dean Clinical Education
Western U COMP

“Thank you for the wonderful training in December! I really enjoyed meeting the participants as well as this stellar facilitation team (Denver Art of Hosting, 2018). It was a real treat to see your team working together so closely and joyfully. I also appreciated the confidence boost you all provided at the training (and in our one-on-one chat). I know I needed that. I’ve just gotten home from organizing a week-long residential program for social entrepreneurs from all over the world. I and our team couldn’t be more thrilled with how it went. I’m crediting a bunch of that to the AOH training: the tools you provided, and perhaps even moreso, the opportunity for some inward reflection. I gave myself permission this time around to just be myself, and I think that made all the difference.

Anna Dausman
Program Manager, Center for Social Impact Strategy
University of Pennsylvania

“Oh Tenneson. I love how down-to-earth you are. It is always serious fun to work with you, and I appreciate your articulation of these practical tips for “slowing down to the speed of life”. And for holding space for possibility and reminding us what we are REALLY doing together.”

Amy Lenzo
Founder, weDialogue

“We are a more nimble and experimental congregation since working with Tenneson, more attentive to our values, and more accountable to our mission. But what has meant the most has been the emergence of a lighthearted and joyful community of passionate leaders. It turns out that when we focus on meaningful and humane connections with each other the organizing and programming that we need comes with considerably less effort.”

Rev. Cameron Barr
Senior Pastor, United Church of Christ

“Your transparency, attunement, and navigation skills impressed and taught me volumes.”

Sean Talbot
Writing Coach & Workshop Facilitator

“Tenneson has the unique talent of compassionately yet firmly
leading a group through an emerging process to consensus.
For our group he helped 25 divergent view points define 
the boundaries under which their new endeavor could thrive.”

Barbara Gayle
CEO, Paradox Consulting

“Tenneson, in partnership with Teresa Posakony, facilitated the inspirational and governance assembly for our sisters and affiliates. He was a delight. He was able to move us out of burdensome seriousness into a playful quest that took us to places we never thought we’d go. Through risky conversations, open space explorations, speaking our truth, we truly embraced our theme of ‘Risk Boldly the Future.’”

Sister Karen Lueck
Past President, Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration

“What a gift our journey has been since 2011! To experience your leadership as a host, consultant, coach, and colleague has benefited the work I do, the relationships I have, and my willingness to be open to risks, promises, and mischief [not always in that order!]. You have had great integrity throughout, great willingness to accompany Global Ministries’ missionaries and executives, and great sense of humor. I have great gratitude for where we have been, the great and tiny accomplishments we have achieved, and the possibilities of where we are going.”

Rev Kathleen Masters
Global Ministries | The United Methodist Church

“Meeting and hosting with you was a special gift to me. I experienced your presence and approach to hosting as an invitation of sorts – to be myself, to bring my own voice, into this work. So, thank you for being who you are – and, in that, for giving me that invitation to be myself in this work as well.”

Molly Matheson Gruen
Engagement Specialist, Bush Foundation

“I am still floating from our experience and am beyond grateful for this time of deep transformation, or as i feel it now a deep remembering of what we all knew/know.”

Corbin Tobey-Davis
Pastor, United Church of Christ

“I truly did appreciate the layout of the event 
and left telling my manager who attended with me 
that it was the best workshop I’ve ever attended. 
Thanks for the work you put into it. It was great!”

Emily Hill, RN, BScN
Public Health Nurse, Middlesex-London Health Unit

“Thanks for a beautiful event in Chicago on the lovely shores of Lake Michigan. It exceeded every hope that I had and I already knew that it would be wonderful!”

Christine Ageton
Managing Director, Business Alliance for Local Living Economies

“I could see the possibilities in so many of the things we did last week in our continued effort to develop the Saskatchewan health system as one big community, as it needs to be to really make a shift to a new system.”

Nicole Wohlgemuth, BSc, MA
Program Director, Health Quality Council

“The design of the Nebraska Rural Futures Conference was quite complex….but Teresa and Tenneson made it all seem so simple. The open-space portion in which they took the lead was masterfully orchestrated. Magical seems like the right term. More than 30 groups were working simultaneously and these groups generated powerful content for our next steps.”

Sam Cordes
Professor and Associate Vice Provost,
Emeritus, Center for Regional Development, Purdue University

“My days with you and the group were transforming. Today at a meeting about energy efficiency projects we introduced how to shift the paradigm with our audiences. Thanks to you and your team.”

Bonnie Christiensen
Utah Clean Energy

“I cannot thank you enough for this most amazing, deep, transformative, exhilerating and fun adventure in hosting healthcare.”

Michelle Murton
Public Health Practitioner

“Simple. Clear. Beautiful. Still. Connected at the core. These words describe the personal energy and the professional work of Tenneson Woolf. He feels, at the most visceral level, the shifts going on in the human experiment — how we ARE, how we ORGANIZE — and where we need to go. With formal education in psychology and organizational behavior, Tenneson moves beyond the box in every way. His work is no less than radical cultural change, bubbling up from the authenticity of our primordial, Buddha nature. Becoming conscious of and acting in the world from this place is the evolutionary task that Tenneson seeks to midwife.

Kinde Nebeker
Kinde Nebeker Design