Human to Human is a daily blog. It’s journalling and learning in public, Monday through Thursday, in which I post current learnings (taking sporadic weeks off to write longer pieces or to rest). Posts are 300-500 words, often with photos, intended to be read in five minutes and inspire reflection, individually and communally, on varied aspects of participative leadership practices, insights, and human to human depth.

Summer Break

I love the pumpkin blossom fully opened in morning sun. The vine now reaches a dozen feet into the garden patch, with full and growing vine. I love the feeling of tending to garden, inner and outer.

I’ll take two weeks off from writing this blog. To move my attention to some other writing. And to simply value the rest of a week off in summer.

With wishes of good gardening to all, whether that be inner or outer. See you later in August.

Three Lines of a Poem

With appreciation to Martin Challis, who gave me a collection of his poems when I was in Australia a few years back. Though I don’t know Martin well, I feel like I knew him quickly through his grounded ways. And through his invitation to light, seeing, and home.

Three Lines of a Poem
Martin Challis

the first line of a poem is a window,
to let the light in, across the sill,
though each imperfect pane swirls in the glass
amend perception and to look within
alters the view

the second line of a poem enters further
into a room, many rooms
where light diffuses as it passes down a corridor, touches patchwork,
to thread the edges of fabric, of lived in textures and in so touching,
opens the way of seeing

the third line of a poem makes a home
for the heart to take up residence,
to visit where spaces and shapes partly familiar,
alive at the peripheral, are eagerly awaiting your arrival
and for your recognition of that something,
you have always known

4-Week Wisdom Series Now Open For Registration

At the heart of all that Quanita Roberson and I offer in our programs, rests a commitment to contributing to more wise and more soulful ways of being. We think of it as helping to land people in more of themselves, individually and communally. For leadership. For family. For community. For inner journey and for outer journey.

Our 4-Week Series (online) is one of the entry points to such experience. It’s 4 weeks, each two hour sessions online. It’s also a few invitations between meeting.

Our overarching theme this time is Joy. We’ll be giving attention to the weekly themes of Commitment, Activation, Freedom, and Flow. We know that joy is one of the reliable entry points to grow more wisdom. And, that joy has a way of expanding possibility rather than contracting it.

Group size is limited to 18 participants. Times are chosen to welcome those who wish daytime participation (and European / Africa-friendly times) and those who wish evening participation (Australia / NZ / Asia-friendly). This series will be held in English.

With anticipation.

Stacked In Balance

The image above is from a beach on Whidbey Island. From my recent trip, two weeks ago. It is looking north and west into the Puget Sound near Bush Point. One of the things I love to do on such a beach is stack stones and shells. Simple moments of balance and spaciousness. Impermanence given temporary form.

Words of balance and spaciousness often come to me. One time said a particular way. Another time changed by the tide and reconfigured with difference yet repeating theme. I love the feeling of simple words to dwell in, and to connect a wee bit of continued life and of continued intention.

This morning, these simple words stacked for me. A mix of what I sometimes share to guide others, and what I inevitably return to in myself, to also guide.

For inspiration.

Just be. 
Dwell in self.
Inhabit self.
Breathe fully in
and and fully out.

What if
there were
and to prove.