Summary of Need, Purpose, Limiting Beliefs

Summary of Need and Purpose

  • Many people are living in times of high-level uncertainty.
  • People are hungry for more meaningful work and community.
  • People want to contribute to their local community.
  • Train together in the next level of skills / tools that can be applied to existing and new participant projects. 
  • Foster processes for accessing collective wisdom that moves to collaborative action.
  • Create next levels of leadership consciousness, wellness, resilience, wholeness.

Some Limiting Beliefs

– Fear and weightiness is the only way through if we are serious about change.

Some of the Principles that Guide this Work

  • Invite celebration, joyousness, creativity.
  • Get to do / “get to have to do.”
  • People want renewal together and of what is already in them
  • Whatever the challenge, community is the answer (The Berkana Institute)
  • “The answer to how is yes.” (Peter Block)
  • The wisdom we need is already in the systems where we work and live.
  • “Activate” resonance of leadership in community.
  • Work from the sacred and sense of open mind, open heart, and open will. (Otto Scharmer)
  • Working across boundaries.
  • Innovating.
  • Balancing colearning, building relationships, application to participant projects.
  • People will come out of the wood work — many of us yearn for other ways to work together.
  • Offer what we can. Ask for what we need.
  • Act locally. Connect regionally. Learn trans-globally. 
  • “Just go for it.” Playful experimentation. Start anywhere.
  • Trust the universe.

Contextual Narrative of Context for Practicing Participative Leadership — Questions as Tools

What are the questions we need to ask together on behalf of the future of us who live and work in the Salt Lake Valley? What are the next levels of these questions? What if asking these questions together was the most enduring and strongest leadership act we could offer to each other, to our work teams, and to our community?

All over the world we see unprecedented change. Uncertainty. Challenges. These fill news and media reports. Unemployment. Healthcare reform. Education innovation. These impact everyone. 

Yet, also all over the world, we see groups of people daring to ask the most challenging questions with each other. Daring to explore more deeply together. Daring to take action to make a difference by working and living more democratically. In government. In corporations. In community groups. In families.


Participative Leadership In the Salt Lake Valley


Thank you for your interest in Participative Leadership in the Salt Lake Valley. We know there are many of you. Participative Leadership is work that we have been practicing and doing in many parts of the world. With joy in very tough settings. We’ve seen great success and differences made in many organizations, working teams, movement leaders, and community.

An initial gathering was held December 12, 2009. It was an “appetizer” if you will. Well attended with 40 of us together for a half day, we began with a checkin hearing from each why participative leadership matters and in what aspect of work / life it is important. We moved then into a model and framework for thinking about participative leadership — a container if you will. And then into a questions cafe where participants began to surface the kinds of work and questions that they know are theirs to host. A harvest of some of those materials is here.

A second appetizer is being convened January 16, 2010 at the Holladay United Church of Christ (2631 East Murray-Holladay Road). We will begin at 9:00 (please plan to arrive 10 minutes early to mingle) and be finished at 1:00. Thanks to Rev. Erin Gilmore for offering the space. As before, we will welcome donations to pay for the cost of snacks and drinks.

If you came to the first, you are welcome to the second. You do not need to have participated in December to join us on the 16th. Please, bring a friend. We will be inviting participants to help co-design essential aspects of a Participative Leadership Development Series (tools, skills, maps, methods) that will begin in February or March, and run monthly for 6-7 months. It is intended as before as a learning and experience of working with Participative Leadership. This time to deliver the beginnings of a product. It is also intended, as always, to further weave our local community of people in participative leadership projects.

What follows is really a set of working notes that have helped us evolves the purpose and intention of Participative Leadership work that we are offering in the Salt Lake Valley.  We offer them with transparency and with invitation to create together the next level of leadership needed for flourishing community in the Salt Lake Valley.

Download All Sections in PDF DocumentDownload Invitation to December 12, 2009 in PDF Document
Download Invitation to January 16, 2010 in PDF Document