Art of Harvesting — Monica Nissen (25 minutes)
June 2007, Nova Scotia

Art of Calling — Phil Cass (32 minutes)
June 2007, Nova Scotia

Chaordic Design — Toke Moeller (15 minutes)

Chaordic Stepping Stones — Toke Moeller (50 minutes)
June 2007, Nova Scotia

Art of Hosting — Healthcare and Columbus — Toke Moeller, Phil Cass (28 minutes)

Harvesting — 6 minutes
December 2007, Brazil


Art of Hosting — Indiana
September 2007

September 9, 2007
A o H Tools: Learning the tools of the trade with Tenneson
September 10, 2007
AI Harvest: The Survivor’s Guide to Getting Lost
Box Turtle: Wendy Jo helps us connect with nature
The Chaordic Path: Learning how to walk the middle path with Chris
Closing: Breathe in your mates…breathe out your mates!
Merry Harvesters: The first breakfast discussion with Chris and the harvesting team
Harvest and Diamond: Exploring the Quest harvest and learning the Diamond of Participation with Chris
The Question Cafe: A real-time listen to what a cafe is like…from the host’s side! (Warning–some quiet spots where I needed to put the recorder down)
Chaord and AI: Reflections on the Chaordic Path and Appreciative Inquiry with Tenneson
Tools of Dance: Exploring dance with Teresa
September 11, 2007
Checking In: Zip, Zap, Zop! Where are my Spiders?
Closing: The emergent closing sentence, and Bodiga Tay revisited
Learning from Example: Stories of Berkana and Columbus, with Tenneson, Teresa and Tuesday
Merrier Harvesters: Breakfast discussion, round two, with Chris and the harvesting team
Opening: Getting started, exploring the Question Cafe harvest
Open Space: An introduction and invitation with Deb
Open Space Harvest: Action Group Headlines
Open Space Session: Exploring Columbus with Tuesday and Jeannel
Open Space Harvest: Harvesting convergence with Chris
Open Space Session: Unleashing (or giving permission to) your emergent leader, with Jeannel, Catherine, Chris, and Deb
September 12, 2007
Checking In: The “hands” poem, passing the candle, community news
Hosting Yourself: Open Space session with Tuesday and Wendy Jo
Merriest Harvesters: Breakfast session three with Chris and the harvesting team
Morning Birdsong: Nature sounds from Wooded Glen
Closing: Quest circle harvest, Fields of Gold farewell, and an empty room over lunch–oops!
Quest Circle: Revisiting our quests near the end
The Five Coughs: Open Space session on the Five Breaths hosted by Chris
Preparing for Home: The question you want asked of you, hosted by Margo
Knowledge Cafe: The toolkit, introducing the Knowledge Cafe, hosted by Tuesday
Welcome Dance: Right left right…left right left…can we do one clap? Hosted by Teresa

Art of Hosting Story


Appreciative Inquiry
Open Space Technology

Complexity — Swarm Theory National Geographic

Video Resources

One Planet — short promotion of living green (forwarded from Manish Jain), noticing that the pattern of consumption and disposal in North America is as if there were five planets rather than one.

Wooshclang — beautiful juggling piece by a Thomas Arthur, a deep soul. There is much to learn in the practice of juggling. Concentration. Play. Soft focus. Creativity. Teamwork. Even for beginners.

Sun Flares — shared by friend Ashley Cooper, whom I met an an Evolutionary Hosts gathering in 2006 on Bowen Island. For me, I feel the sense of being amazed and feeling my imagination awakened by what can be made visible.

Council of Hosts — created by Thomas Arthur, also at the Evolutionary Hosts gathering. This demonstrates a form of harvest that calls on more senses. It is not a collection of notes. It is a beautiful and simple work that harvests energy from the event, amplified by Thomas’ editing and music.

Ultimate Atom — an image that reminds me that we are alive. I love the shape of this. It’s breath.

Clients, Partners, Learning Companions

Below is a sample of clients, communities of practice, and individual practitioners I have worked with that have influenced my work in amazing ways. For each I feel gratitude. With each I have felt invitation to work authentically, with clear purpose, and in great beauty.


Community / Activist Organizations

  • Disciples of Christ — Art of Hosting Training for Sr. Leadership
  • Greater Miami Jewish Federation — Staff Annual Planning Day
  • International Disciples Women’s Ministries — Biannual Cabinet Meeting
  • National Park Service, Department of the Interior — Future Search Workshop
  • Office of the General Ministry and President, Disciples of Christ — Participatory Leadership Training
  • Ottawa Area Intermediate School District — Future Search Conference
  • Salt Lake Center for Engaging Community — Culture of Connection Initiative, Enspirited Community Workshop; Sustainability Summit; Post Election World Cafe, World Cafe Workshop
  • Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance — Wildlands Dialogue Project; Faith and the Lands Conversations; Activist Summit
  • Streetwork — Open Space Workshop for Workers with Homeless Youth
  • Strengthening Families Illinois — Art of Hosting Training
  • Tampa Bay Art of Hosting Community of Practice — World Cafe Workshop
  • Utah Campaign to End Childhood Hunger — Future Search Conference
  • Utah Conference on Homelessness — Future Search Conference
  • Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment — Community Organizing Explorations
  • Visiting Nurse Associations of America — Future Search Conference
  • Worth Living, Compass Wealth Management — Art of Hosting Training


  • Brigham Young University Marriott School of Management
  • Brigham Young University MBA OBHR Class of 2006 — Leadership Training
  • Brigham Young University Theatre and Media Arts Department — Department Strategic Planning
  • Canadian Labour Congress — Education Committee Training
  • Canadian Union of Public Employees — Developers 2008 Planning Meeting; Strengthening Local Union Leadership Training
  • Dyer Institute for Leading Organizational Change
  • New York City Department of Education — Education Reform Partner Retreat
  • Utah Valley University Woodbury School of Business — Summit and Planning Meeting

Health Care

  • Center for Human Development — Art of Hosting Training
  • Columbus Medical Foundation — Art of Hosting Training
  • Navajo Health Services — Art of Hosting Training
  • Providence Care — Leadership Symposium, Leadership Development Program, Conversational Leadership Workshop
  • Utah Hospital Association — Community Strategizing
  • Visiting Nurse Associations of America — Future Search Conference

Large Conferences

  • Disciples of Christ — 2009 General Assembly World Cafe and Participative Learning
  • Institute of Noetic Sciences — 2009 Learning Village and Plenary Interactive Learning
  • Partnership For Education in Jewish Education — 2008 Assembly World Cafe
  • Pegasus Systems Thinking in Action — 2007 Conversation Space
  • Providence Care — 2009 Leadership Conference World Cafe


  • KBYU Television — Furture Search Conference
  • Novell — Future Search Conference

Communities of Practice / Stewardships


Teresa Posakony

Chris Corrigan

Toke Moeller

Patti Case

Ben Mates

Jane Holt

John Kesler

Kathy Lung

Tamara Levine

Esther Matte

Kathleen Erickson

Sharon Joy Kleitsch

Lina Cramer

Jean Ogilvie

Kathy Jourdain

Muryah Baldwin

Roq Gareau

Christina Baldwin — PeerSpirit

Ann Linnea — PeerSpirit

Bob Stilger — The Berkana Institute

Lauri Prest —

Michael Jones — Pianoscapes

Margaret Wheatley — Margaret Wheatley, Inc.

Toke Moeller — Interchange

Monica Nissen

John Kesler

Ramona Sierra

Terri Martin

Peggy Holman

Maria Scordiolu

Sarah Whiteley

Nancy Fritsche Eagan

Angela Amel

Tim Merry

Debbie Frieze




June 28, 2007
Visions of the Land
Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance
Salt Lake City, Utah

June 30 – July 8, 2007
Fairmont Hot Springs, British Columbia

August 22-24, 2007
Satir Innovations Forum
Litchfield, Connecticut

September 9-12, 2007
Art of Hosting
Louisville, Kentucky

October 26-27, 2007
BYU MBA OBHR Class of 2006 Community of Practice
Aspen Grove, Utah

November 3-4, 2007
Systems Thinking in Action Pre-conference Workshop
Seattle, Washington

November 5-7, 2007 — Systems Thinking in Action Conference
Seattle, Washington

November 16-18, 2007
Art of Hosting
Bangor, Pennsylvania