Oh, These Places


This is another photo from Gambier Island, just north of Bowen Island and west of Vancouver, BC. Yes, it is where I’ve met the last few days with a few of the stewards of The Circle Way.

As five of us were departing via water taxi, several of us commented, with awe, on the places that we have been able to meet in. Beautiful, as you can see. Sometimes remote, as this particular location was. Nourishing places, the kind that change you, not just on the outside but on the inside too. I’m not talking luxury of mansions and people waiting on us. I’m talking more of quality of connection, and us taking care of each other.

Combine that with some good process and it becomes a forever-remembered place. “Ah, remember that time on Gambier,” will be the utterance with appreciation. For us, our process was mostly held in Circle. Some in Open Space to help us accomplish our work. Some in training, where peers helped us all move along together in a project management tool that reminded me of the phrase, “if you want to go farther, go together.” Some in decision making. Some in discernment through a few unknowns and niggly issues.

These are places and processes that I know many people never experience. My grandfather for example, would know places like Gambier as a possible summer holiday spot to take his grandkids. But not as a place to work. And not in the way that brings us all into deeper layers of friendship.

I’m in awe myself. And grateful for this place and these people that awaken me.

Is The Circle Way for Men — A Call For An Emerging Masculine

I wrote this short article to be deliberate about inviting men and women to participate in the practice that is The Circle Way, and in The Circle Way practicum occurring August 17-22, 2016 on Whidbey Island, Washington. I wrote it to shine a bit of light on some of the underlaying myths that may have men not feeling that this form of leadership is for them.

Below is an excerpt. The full article (two pages) is here.

“I want to re-language the gender-typing just a bit as it pertains to The Circle Way. The Circle Way is a methodology and way of being that is bedrock to the kind of leadership so often needed in these times and in today’s organizations. It is the leadership that is listening, which also happens to be a lifelong practice. It is the leadership that is being smart together. Yup, that’s gender free. It is the leadership that is diving deeply into purpose. It is the leadership that is shared discernment. The Circle Way creates leadership process that invokes the best of what people, men and women, masculine and feminine, can offer as gift.”