Is The Circle Way for Men — A Call For An Emerging Masculine

I wrote this short article to be deliberate about inviting men and women to participate in the practice that is The Circle Way, and in The Circle Way practicum occurring August 17-22, 2016 on Whidbey Island, Washington. I wrote it to shine a bit of light on some of the underlaying myths that may have men not feeling that this form of leadership is for them.

Below is an excerpt. The full article (two pages) is here.

“I want to re-language the gender-typing just a bit as it pertains to The Circle Way. The Circle Way is a methodology and way of being that is bedrock to the kind of leadership so often needed in these times and in today’s organizations. It is the leadership that is listening, which also happens to be a lifelong practice. It is the leadership that is being smart together. Yup, that’s gender free. It is the leadership that is diving deeply into purpose. It is the leadership that is shared discernment. The Circle Way creates leadership process that invokes the best of what people, men and women, masculine and feminine, can offer as gift.”

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