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In My Nature (Poetry), Most Mornings (Poetry), The Circle Way Essence Cards, A Participatory Leadership Journal (for faith communities), A Cadence of Despair.

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On The Art of Hosting, on Leadership, on Human to Human depth, on Presence.

Tenneson Woolf Poems

A small selection of what has become an essential medium for my learning, my expression, my artistry, and my invitations. It’s what I infuse to my work of facilitation and working with groups. These go along with my three publications of poetry: In My Nature (CentreSpoke 2023), Most Mornings (CentreSpoke 2022), and A Cadence of Despair: Poems and Reflections on Heartbreak, Loss and Renewal (CentreSpoke 2020).


A few of the upcoming and past efforts I’ve been part of.


A few samples of what gatherings that I convene look like. It’s people in connection. It’s learning. It’s a few frameworks to guide.


Behind methods are always frameworks and world views that amplify impact and purpose. Here’s a list of about 15 that shape the inquiry I create with groups.


So much of this work comes back to Living Systems Theory, Self-Organization, and Emergence.


A few of the sites I visit often or point people to when they are looking for additional resources.


On methods, on ways of being, and a few surprises that I just find delightful and inspiring in the bigger stories of our times.


A few written by others that I have dog-eared, and am glad to have near me.


A few written by others, that have helped guide me many times.