More Websites

Amanda Fenton
Amanda is one of my closest hosting companions. She’s got great stuff on her site.

The Art of Hosting
A great collection of resources from The Art of Hosting community of practitioners.

The Berkana Institute
Berkana represents a lot to me. Lineage is part of that. This is where I gained my footing in social action and organizations as living systems. It is also through Berkana that I’ve met many of my closest friends and colleagues in the world.

Chris Corrigan
Chris has been a curator and creator of interesting and helpful resources for years.

The Circle Way
I was board member with this group for eight years. I particularly loved the Legacy Project, a commitment to sharing and preserving the work of modern day practitioners of circle methodologies. The Circle Way now supports the movement of The Circle Way into another layer of scale and practice — this is good work.

Fire & Water Leadership Journey and Rite of Passage
A 16-month leadership program Quanita Roberson and I created. It blends leadership practice with deeply inner work and initiatory journey.

The Flow Game
I have come to learn that so much of the leadership work that I do is about creating flow. There is a unique energy that we create with one another through our questions. I love hosting Flow Game for teams.

Margaret Wheatley
Meg has written the best collection that I know of articles about organizations as living systems.

So much of my work happens with Quanita Roberson. She has her own collection of resources, products, and invitation to some of our shared work.

Open Space World
A good home page for all things related to Open Space.

Home site for the work of Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea and their historical work with circle (now housed at , quest, and story, including writing workshops.

The World Cafe
A key modality for me. And access to the World Cafe community and foundation.