The Circle Way Essence Cards — Now Available for Purchase

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I’m generally the kind of human that appreciates simplicity. Not narrow and with blind eyes (hopefully not, though, garsh, I know I  have that in me too). But rather, an appreciation that reaches for an essence or for deep guiding principles.

Over the last couple of months, Quanita Roberson and I have been working on this set of Essence Cards, shown above. I love the subtitle, “Simple Notes to Guide Skillful Practice.” Because in the end, whether as method or as way of being, circle is a primary container to help many of us turn to one another to be in communality. About what we love and about what perplexes and strains us in these times. What Quanita and I have done is taken simple structure, rooted in The Circle Way Pocket Guide (used with permission) and provided some of our learned simplicity about circle structure and practice. We are beginning to use them with clients and groups.

The cards were fun to make. They are now available for purchase by reaching me. There’s 26 cards in each set (see below), 6″ x 8″ in size. Full color. They come in a little cotton bag. $20 USD + Postage. A percentage of each purchase will be donated back to The Circle Way, and to another non-profit or group of people engaged in circle based change and reform.

For Canadian orders beyond North America, also contact me for special arrangements (

These cards have short descriptions, a few diagrams, and highlighted essences related to practice. We offer them with hope that they will guide and inspire helpful practice. In organizations. On teams. In community. In family. Purchase if you like. Or talk to us about use. Thx for referring others to them. To be in skillful simplicity together.


Welcome & Context

The Common Elements
The Circle Way Then and Now

Preparation & Invitation
Hosting The Circle

The Components Wheel
Three Practices
Three Principles
Start Point & End Point

Leadership Roles (That Rotate)
Decision-Making in Circle
Creative Responses to Difficulties
Meeting Planner Using Circle
On Powerful Questions
Examples of Questions

Differences for Business
Differences for Beginners
Differences for Seasoned Circlers
Circling Online, The Technical Side
Circling Online, The Presence Side

About Tenneson Woolf
About Quanita Roberson
Additional Resources, The Circle Way
Invitation, Your Turn

7 Replies to “The Circle Way Essence Cards — Now Available for Purchase”

    1. Hi Diana, and others from our shared homeland of Canada. I’ve made a note above in the post, that for orders to Canada, or outside of North America, to contact myself ( or Quanita ( We’ve clarified postal shipping and packaging rates. Glad to get these in your hands and in the hands of those you work / convene / commune with.

  1. Greetings Tenneson,

    I would love to add a set of Circle Way Essence Cards to my planning tools. Thank you for everything! You are an amazing man.

    Please share with me how to pay you. I can do so through PayPal or Venmo.

    Namaste, Chuck from the Desert

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