Videos From Others

As it is with other resources I include on this site, these videos come from my paying attention to what shows up in front of me. What I use. What people share with me. What I get excited about. When helpful, I create categories. Below find Open Space Technology, The World Cafe, The Art of Hosting and Harvesting, Thought Provoking.

Open Space Technology

Open Space Technology: The Power of Self-Organization (2010, 7 minutes) — This is a trailer featuring several OS practitioners (German with English subtitles). Gives images of what it can look like, principles, and some of the possibilities.

Time Lapse Open Space (2006, 30 seconds) — From Johnnie Moore, a one day meeting with BBC. Fun to see the movement of people in groups, regrouping, etc.

US West Open Space (16 minutes) — Helpful reflections from Harrison Owen and participants (some of the doubts leading up to) on using the process.

Open Space on Open Space — Melbourne, Australia (2002, 5 minutes) — From David Smith, shows a bit of what it looks like over three days.

The World Cafe

World Cafe (2011, 4 minutes) — Jake Voit and Ginny Belden-Charles sharing some overarching description of what The World Cafe methodology is and how it happens.

Proaction Cafe (2011, 3 minutes) — Dan Frank, Phyllis Braxton, and my friends Jerry Nagel and Toke Moeller describe some of this methodology, one that I’m using often. It is a marriage between the naming of projects that happens in Open Space Technology and the use of The World Cafe to help move projects along to actionable items.

World Cafe Guidelines and Principles (2009, 5 minutes) — A clear and precise description of some key aspects of imagining and hosting a world cafe, particularly for first time participants. Offered by my friend and colleague, Holly Masturzo.

The Art of Hosting and Harvesting

The Art of Hosting, Bowen Island (2017, 12 minutes) — This captures some of the spirit, heart, and skill that goes into the practice and art of participatory leadership and The Art of Hosting. I was part of hosting this group over 15 years annually, and learned a ton together.

Building Leaderful Communities: Capacities and Practices to Support Thriving Transition Communities (2015, 72 minutes audio) — I enjoyed creating this with Jeff Aitken, who unfortunately became ill on the day of our scheduled seminar. I enjoy being part of the Transition and resilience efforts.

Art of Hosting: Participatory Leadership Practices That Change the Way We Meet (2013, 71 minutes audio) — With Teresa Posakony, in support of Transition US efforts.

Minneapolis Art of Hosting (2012, 4 minutes) — From an event I was part of, compiled by Katie Boone, a bit of what 130 people in a ballroom look like.

Rural Ontario Leadership Summit (2012, 8 minutes) — From the summit that I worked at in 2012 with Alicia Evans, Jean Ogilvie, Erika Bailey and others. It represents a shift in format for this conference to a participative format. Captures a few images and impressions for what that looks like. In this case, 2 days with 75 people in a hotel setting.

Divergence and Convergence (2011, 13 minutes) — From an Art of Hosting training in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

2-Loops: How Systems Change (2011, 6 minutes) — A core model for taking social innovation to scale, voiced here by Deborah Frieze.

Our Optimal Health: Change Through Conversation (2011, 4 minutes) — Digital story told by Berkana friend Tuesday Ryan-Hart of efforts to create change in a Columbus, OH health community.

In Commons (2009-2012) — This is a broad collection of videos (7 at present) over four years that show some key models and reflections from the Art of Hosting work taking place in Minneapolis. Additional videos from the same period are here, with teachings from Phil Cass, Jerry Nagel, Toke Moeller, and other colleagues. I was able to be a part of this work in December 2012.


Enso House (2014, 5 minutes) — This film was created at The Whidbey Institute’s 3rd Annual Thriving Communities Conference. I include it here because it has some important perspective about hospice, caring, and death. It pertains to people in this movie. It also, however, pertains to systems. It was shared with me by Cynthia Trenshaw, who is a volunteer featured in the film.

How Wolves Change Rivers (5 minutes) — I found this one through Jerry Nagel on the Films for Action site. It’s a great piece on how systems change, telling some of the story of the reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone National Park.

H-Town Stories (2013, 2 minutes) — From Angela Blanchard and others at Neighborhood Centers, Inc. I love this line. “When you will stand next to somebody, and work with them on the thing that matters most to them in the whole world, you don’t have to worry about motivation. All you have to do is be there. Because they have already decided, one way or another, come hell or high water, they are going to get this done.”

A New Story of the People (2013, 8 minutes) — Narrated by Charles Eisenstein, and created by Chris and Dawn Agnos. Wise words. Charles has a simplicity that makes so much sense. I love the way that he is inviting and challenging a different story, a commitment to the more beautiful world that we already know is possible.

Why Transition Now (2013, 2 minutes) — World-famous musician, author, scientist and pioneer of a new paradigm in consciousness, Dr. Ervin Laszlo presents a message about this time of great transition on our planet. I love the reference to the “human adventure on our planet.” Interviewed and filmed by Peter Engberg.

How Bacteria Talk To Each Other (2012, 9 minutes) — This NOVA program features Bonnie Bassler, Molecular Biologist. Very helpful imagery that I loved about how bacteria in community have the capacity to light up, a capacity not present when alone.

From Consumers to Citizens (2012, 55 minutes) — Dr. Manfred Hellrig, Director of the Office for Future Questions in Bregenz the Province of Vorarlberg in Austria.

Hunting the Hidden Dimension (2011, 56 minutes) — Very helpful background on fractal geometry (from PBS), the mathematical side of simple expressions that create complex patterns.

Body Dialogue (2010, 5 minutes) — This video is by my colleague Janice Stieber Rous. I love how she focusses on breath.

Bodhisattva on Metro (2010, 7 minutes) — For me, this seemingly unrelated video shows a lot about the work we do in hosting groups. Some deliberateness, some play, and a quiet kind of knowing in working with the energy of a group.