Methods To Engage Groups

  • All of my work utilizes participative leadership methods, whether with small teams or large organizations, to help access more of the wisdom already present in a group, and, to help groups be smarter together. I most often count on these methodologies:
  • The Circle Way — beyond changing the chairs is some important structure and practice. Circle is still the root methodology to help turn to one another for imagination, clarity, and wisdom. Circle is also what creates the kind of relationships that can grow a group’s capacity to be in unknowns, tensions, conflicts, and dreams.
  • Open Space Technology — the fastest and most simple way to put people to work and learning. Open Space Technology invites passion to team with responsibility, and for people convened to offer something useful and impactful. I love the energy and commitment that OST creates.
  • World Cafe — small table conversations woven together in large group. There is magic in how this simple process amplifies and unites conversational leadership.
  • Pro-Action Cafe — for when it’s time to move from connection to plans and next steps. For when it’s time to marry social learning with clear and energized action steps.
  • Appreciative Inquiry — for helping us all grow our orientation to “what’s possible and life-giving,” rather than the perpetual stuckness of “what’s wrong and who’s to blame.”