I live in Lindon, Utah. I describe Lindon as a place “where urban meets rural.” I love the mountains that border the east of Utah Valley, The Wasatch Mountains. That’s Timpanogos in this picture.

The field above is along a path on which I often walk my dog. We walk past houses and another large field. This field above used to have horses in it. When it was sold, I was afraid it would become more houses. It didn’t. Instead, it became this place for growing tomatoes and peppers.

More rural, preserved.

In two months ish, there will be rows and rows of maybe 100 yards in length, with vegetables and fruit (tomato) ready to pick. It’s run by a local greenhouse. Between now and then, I’ll watch the growth as I walk my dog.

When I see this field, with these rows tilled and ready, I get excited. I feel anticipation. And somehow, just a bit of unique health in seeing a field ready to grow.