Poem — There Need Not Be More

I often find it is Zen-like expressions that move me most. Or Zen moments that are as simple as a deck chair and some deliberate morning stillness.

I wrote these simple lines recently. Yes, from waking. Yes, from living in continued pandemic presence. Yes, with invitation to move with life itself. Yes, with freedom to stay in the simple. Perhaps, just for this day.


There Need Not Be More

I am awake
from overnight rest.

as can’t be otherwise.

To start this new day,
with new me.

That’s all,
there need not be more.


Rumi is rather beloved. This 13th century Persian Poet has touched many hearts.

Today, I’m moved by these simple words, carried forward 800 years.

Stay together, friends.
Don’t scatter and sleep.
Our friendship is made
of being awake.

It’s core, no? In these times. This awakeness rooted in friendship.

At First Light

It is just after 6:00 a.m. where I live in Utah. The morning temperature is 73 F. An ever slight breeze sways the trees and tall growing flowers. I’m sitting on my deck, as is my habit, to write some of the dream I had last night, and to journal just a bit. I’ll also meditate — breath deeply for a bit from this spot.

I look up after writing, looking east over rooftops. The sky catches my attention. Yes, for the patterns painted. Yes, for the way these clouds stretch to Oquirrh and Lake Mountains on the other side of Utah Valley, 20-30 miles away. But in particular for this bit of red that is just becoming illuminated at first light. Wow, I think to myself, and just dwell on this moment. This is sky that is being backlit, given that I’m looking east, from sun rising over Wasatch mountains behind me to the west. This isn’t red that leans to pink. This is a red that leans to deep purple or burgundy.

This moment is brief. It passes. Those clouds will remain vast, but will turn to their regular grayish, whiteish, blueish colors. I’m glad for the stunningness of the red in the moment.

I believe there is vastness to experience in our work together and in our lives together. I believe there is stunningness of color in our work and lives together. I believe there is momentary awareness to experience together in our work and lives. I believe there is first light, that when noticed together, enriches the day. I believe there is remembering of who we are together, whether in this landscape, or others that any of us notice.

This work of deeper encountering is our work together. I’m glad to live in a time that reclaims this among us, for all of the waking to self and other that it creates, and for all of the utter practicality that that is.

First light.

Before First Light


Before first light,
there is a kind of joy
I feel
in being awake
in the quiet and in the dark.

Before noise comes into the day
from within me,
or from persistent scratching at windows
that is untended grief
masked by accomplished society.

When the world is quiet
I too feel invited to quiet,
to dwell with faithful companions
of unfettered and awakened heart
in undisturbed stillness.

Before noise comes,
the awareness
of dreamtime
still sips coffee with me,
to remind me of what is also true.

Before noise,
I remember,
animated, integrated,
and needed,
soul work.