Where The Magic Happens

Thanks United Church of Christ, Central Pacific Conference for the above drawing. It was in a mailing inviting a program of “Radical Welcome, Transformative Faith, and Whole-Hearted Church.” Good, right?

I’m not working on this program, but my contribution is with a team of inspired, thoughtful, and magic-committed people. We are working together for a second year of Annual Meeting (September 2017) held in a participative format. It’s about a good meeting. It’s also easy for me to say it’s about the magic of spirit, of human being turned together in simple ways, of listening deeply for the audible and in the inaudible, of seeing the visible and the more subtle. It’s about encouraging and growing the reality of a culture that expects to engage.

Enough said. Here’s to magic and the willingness to go outside the comfort zone to welcome it to arrive.