Stay Simple

One of the mantra’s that is quite strong for me is to “stay simple.” It’s a reminder. It’s an affirmation. It’s a permission. It’s a simple note to tune to. It’s a clarity with subtext of “start here.” It’s got a lot built in. Like this flower blossomed in my garden this week.

I often find myself writing in very simple ways these days, particularly in my private journal. Yup, as reminder. And affirmation. And permission. Amplified by current context of Corona and what grows around it. Yup, writing simple, daring for it to be enough, an essence, like the flower.

Here’s a sample. I’d suggest it applies in many contexts as an invitation.

Just stay simple. 
It is unhelpful to clutter life with the clatter of worry.

Stay with Zen.
Live in the fullness of two-word sentences and affirmations.

Stay simple in lifestyle.
Drink water, exercise, eat simply, and be outside.

Count on friends.
We are not alone.

We need each other.