Another Now


I continue to learn
that I do well
to welcome
one moment after the next,
to welcome
one now after another now.

Sometimes the now is
found in conversation
over coffee or tea with a friend,
when easy things
are mixed with hard things,
when laughter and tears swim together.

Sometimes the now is
found in quiet,
interrupted only
by a few “hmmmms”
that accompany
thoughtful listening to mystery.

There is hurt
that I know
in departures,
sometimes at the end of coffee
and sometimes,
at the end of touched mystery.

But I continue to learn
from the Zen way
of being that says,
“Everything is connected.
Everything changes.
Pay attention.”

I continue to learn
that these moments
with friends, colleagues, and family
when connection, and change, and attention are animated —
these nows,
fulfill me.

Companions — Richard Wehrman


I was recently gifted through a friend, the sharing of a poem called “Companions” by Richard Wehrman, based in upstate New York. In it, Wehrman writes,

I want the passion of
those who Doubt,
who still crack open
trees and stones in their looking.

I want companions
who cry “Why Lord, Why?”

I need the company of brothers
and sisters who fall down dumb
when they see a flower or
a sunrise, who weep over animals
dead on the roadside, who
dance with babies and small children,
who love strangers and friends
for no reason at all.

I want companions who have
nothing figured out,
no answers on the shelves of their
mind, no money in the bank,
nowhere to retire to,
who will greet me as I greet them,
with open arms and laughter
in answer to my questions,
saying from their hearts,
“I have no idea at all—
let’s go find out!”

(see full poem at

What a delicious offering about friends going in inquiry together. Perhaps this is the point of it all, going together. Or the blessing of it all — having companions willing to lean in with fierceness to things seen or unseen.