It’s Just Sparky

I have a couple of friends / colleagues that I’ve come to know very well, and to expect that when I talk with them, it’s going to be good. Sparky. Lots of ideas. Real. Typically deep. And fun. They know who they are — I don’t need to name them here.

I spoke with two of those people this week. It made me smile to see them on my calendar — “this is going to be fun,” I thought to myself in anticipation. In both cases we didn’t have a particular agenda. With one of the friends, we talk every month or so. Skype so that we can see each other. Usually for 60-90 minutes. With the other friend, it is a bit more frequent, every two weeks — we also have project work that we share.

What I noticed this week is that, I believe, because of the quality of our relationships, whatever we talk about has far-reaching impact. Talk about family — sparky insights. Share a story about my trip to Canada — good traveling insights. Wonder out loud about work — lots of stuff to jot down! I didn’t talk to my one friend this week thinking about designing The Circle Way Practicum that I’m teaching next week. That wasn’t it at all. However, in the course of our conversation, ideas just kept popping. Sparky. I began to imagine very clearly and easily a few exercises that I’d love to have as part of the practicum.

What is that dynamic? That sparkiness?

There are some people that have done a lot of work — inner and outer. I’d like to think I can fit myself into that category. Generally, it is true. It makes the conversation real. It makes it honest. There’s no need to prove anything with each other — isn’t that relieving. It’s free wandering together, perhaps inspired further by the premise that all things are connected. It’s great to be with people that don’t have to work to see the connection, nor do they need to overplay the connection. We just learn together. Well.

I suppose it could be an agreement. Or a value whether for a team or organization. I’d like to suggest that “sparky” is a very legitimate and attractive commitment — welcoming it to arrive, even expecting it. And when not expecting it, or experiencing sparky frequently enough, to take a good look at why not.