A Little Grief, A Little Joy

One of the things I’m learning these days from my garden is how a carrot in the ground from last year’s garden can grow to flower in this year’s garden. I like the experiment of it. The flowers will grow to umbels. The umbels will dry. From there I can harvest seeds, lots of them, to plant to get new carrots. In the photo above, I also love the splash of color in the Lambs Ear flowers. And the radish tops growing much lower on the ground. There is much that just happens together in my little garden.

Another thing I’m learning these days is about the relationship of grief and joy. It’s no small thing to welcome relationship with grief, not bypassing it. So as to welcome its plentiful harvest or sorrows and beauty.

For inspiration.

Days That Have Brought Us Here

Grief, grief, grief.
Of fulfillment. Of loss.
Of lament. Of isolation.
Of speed. Of the narrowed.
Of world crazy.
Of days that have brought us here.

Joy, joy, joy.
Of simplicity. Of essence.
Of beauty. Of connection with others.
Of slowed reality. Of the expanded.
Of world wakening.
Of days that have brought us here.

I’m learning.
Grief is to be moved.
Joy too.
So that there is flow.
Of being.
In these days that have brought us here.