I’m told that “banuua” is a Swahili word that means joy.

This is my 12 year-old son in a mens / boys performance at his junior high school. Elijah is in the back, five from the right. He’s got a big smile.

I love it that he loves this. He gets to move. He gets to sing. He gets to be in the company of men offering something beautiful.

I also love his teacher. You don’t see so much of it in this video, but this dude is great with these young men. Engaging. Funny. Talented. No small thing to get them into it and legitimize their inner love of voice and movement. His love of music shines through clearly and makes me recognize what a credit he is to the public school system.

I’m totally going to use this with groups I work with!

Here’s to joy. And to our sons, or any of us finding it in good company.



Harmony Project, Ohio

This is spectacular.

For it’s “voice giving.” For the simplicity of “we are not trying to show the world what to do; we are showing them who we are.” For it’s model of community service. For it’s playfulness. For it’s seriousness. For it’s vitality.

It’s a CBS report by Jane Pauley, featuring an effusive David Brown. Seven minutes.

Thank you Meg Wheatley and Phil Cass for sharing.