Colleagues, Friends, Froleagues

Chris Corrigan has a practice near the end of the year / start of a new calendar year to name some of the colleagues that he is grateful to have been in association with over the last year. He names it with intention to have more collaborators than clients. I like the practice.

I decided to create my own list, running back through my calendar to catch names. It was fun to do this.

Though I’ve listed only names here, alphabetically, with each I found myself transported back to the times of together during the year. Some were working together on projects or initiatives. Some were zoom calls to catch up or to stay in contact. Some were people that continue to guide me at the core level. Some were new people, kindling some awareness together. Some were those with whom I share laughs. Some, tears. Some both. Some in work, imagining new insights and practices into being. Some to be more silent with, as if watching stars and night sky together.

There’s more, including a lot of family, that aren’t named here.

Thanks to all. I’m glad we go together.


Sue Artt

Christina Baldwin

Cameron Barr

Krista Betz

Jae Bird

Tom Brackett

Glen Brown

Mark Busse

Martin Challis

Chris Chopyak

DaMareo Cooper

Chris Corrigan

Jennifer Cowley

Bonnie Christiansen

Gayle Engel

Amanda Fenton

Dawn Foxcroft

Kelly Foxcroft Poirier

Nancy Fritsche Eagan

Caitlin Frost

Alexis Fuller Wright

Robi Gareau

Roq Gareau

Erin Gilmore

Penny Hamilton

Prentiss Haney

Tony Harding

Kevin Hiebert

Joan Hitchens

Alyssa Huebner

Jonas Hunter

Tom Inglis

Diane Jordan

Shelly Jurmaine

Lawrence Kampf

Carla Kelley

Charles LaFond

Derek Larson

Glen Lauder

Ann Linnea

Sarah MacDougall

Kathleen Masters

Larry McCulloch

Marina Minari

Toke Moeller

Bill Muhr

Kinde Nebeker

Marjeta Novak

Judith Oki

Maureen Parker

Stephanie Papik

Rina Patel

Teresa Posakony

Carla Reading

Jessica Riehl

Rich Rivera

Quanita Roberson

Sara Rosenau

Herwig Schoen

Todd Smiedendorf

Chris Smyth

Jim Strader-Sasser

Cori Thorell

Corbin Tobey Davis

Jan Ungerer

Dave Waugh

Katharine Weinmann

Meg Wheatley

A Grateful Day

The above video, five minutes in length, is exquisite. In message. In pace. In cinematography. In invitation.

Thanks Jeremy Nash for sharing.

Gratefulness is a practice isn’t it. It’s an energy too. To even momentarily be in the spirit of grateful, and in the deliberate practice of perhaps even just naming, is to shift energy.

This morning, Wednesday, as I sit at my kitchen counter, giving myself permission to name just ten things, I’m grateful for:

  • the morning conversation that I just had with overnight visiting friends, Chris and Amy, who now leave for further visit to Utah
  • the vibrancy of the yellow daisies in a vase on my nearby table, that have lasted three weeks
  • the orange that I ate for breakfast, and how easy it was to peel
  • the computer on which I am typing, on my lap no less
  • the home that I have to return to from my travels, with artifacts, memories, and a place to lay my head
  • the family I come from that taught me so much about home, and welcoming friends
  • the surprise clarity that can so often arise from confusion, even if just for a moment
  • health (yes, of course, there are big categories), that underlays so much
  • the brightly colored salt and pepper shakers I got from New Mexico (yes, of course, even small things have a story), that just make me smile
  • that video above from Br. David, that softened my heart




Places I Love — Whidbey Island, Washington

This past weekend I was on Whidbey Island, just south of Bush Point. A place that I love. A place of love. And a place of awesome stones for balancing (like I did above) and enjoying in a myriad of ways.

It was a weekend of deep and important council with friends. To find balance. To watch a few stones fall. To cast vision out across the breadths and the depths. It was a weekend to feel the drizzle of rain on our cheeks and to enjoy patches of sun on our foreheads.

As I sign off in writing for this calendar year, and in the coming of solstice, I wish all of the above for my loved ones, the beautiful teams of people I’ve continued to work and dream with, the people who I’ve coached and who have coached me, and for myself.



Important council.



Knowing that stones fall.




Drizzle of rain to refresh.

Patch of sun to warm and delight in.