The World is Churning — Michael Meade

Michael Meade is an American writer and mythologist. He was very connected to men’s work and movement in the late 1900s.

In this three minute video he talks about two layers of story and two layers of churning. For story, it is the layer that is the universe, its vastness, its creation and its evolution. The second layer is the story of the human soul. It’s also vast and with much mystery, yet brings the focus down to the layer of each person.

The two layers of churning follow the two layers of story. There is churning in the earth — not just turning. Climate change. Extreme weather contrasts. Michael Meade talks about deep energies in the earth awakening. At the layer of individual, the churning is also occurring. How can it not in relation to the earth churning around us. It’s as though we as people don’t know what to do with the churning that is unavoidably coming through us — it’s cause for freaking out for many, and for cultural patterns of violence and terror.

Meade is asking an important question — what do we need as people to be in the deep churning of the human soul and psyche. He’s naming the story that many may not want to name.