Nothing Other Than The Moment

I don’t know what these flowers are called. I’m just called to them, a few days ago on a morning walk, particularly with backgdrop of blue sky.

Beauty remains a medium for me. It’s what I go to, somewhat knowingly, to ground myself when complexity feels intense.

There’s no grand lesson in it for me. Just the feeling of a moment in beauty, sometimes just two breaths worth, that requires nothing other than the moment.



I’m in a week of just photos.

It’s a bit tricky to see in this photo, as close up as my phone could get to the morning grass, but I love the drops of water, two on the left and one on the right, that were perhaps the size of the tip of my pinky finger.

There’s a coherence to the water drop forming. And attraction.

As one who loves to associate physical experience, the outer world of observation, with inner world of feeling, these three drops of dew simply have me marveling for a moment about beauty, cohesion, and where I seek this in both my inner and outer worlds.

I love the simplicity.

Three Hungers

It was a friend that shared appreciation for the description of an upcoming gathering that I’m co-hosting with Kinde Nebeker. The gathering is May 11, 2018. It’s at Snowbird, Utah. It’s the fourth offering that Kinde and I have created — each under the header of “Evolutionary Leadership.” Kinde and I continue to learn and explore what evolutionary leadership means. We continue to find it helpful — and thus follow our intuitions with it. We continue to learn and explore what it is as a focus for being with others who are hungry.

May 11th will be a small, intimate group. We will be up in Utah’s mountains. We will be in a spacious home, turning to one another from comfortable couches and cups of tea. Maybe a fire burning in the corner.

My friend’s appreciation included the word below. I think of each of these statements as a hunger. I know the hungers in me. I know them in others. I utterly value convenings that expand me, and expand us, around such things. With hopes of doing good with those around us. And often, with a “less is more” kind of feel.

• for those willing to embody matured courage and presence to support real change

• for those hungry to wade further upstream to release us from the torrent of habits, individual and collective, that offer at best convenience and illusion of accomplishment

• for those who realize that the primary practice is consciousness, in which is embedded leadership in organizational system, not the other way around.

Join us?

Seeking the Soft


From a walk yesterday at South Whidbey Island State Park, north and west of Seattle.

On a Sunny day, mostly. Which at this time of year in South Whidbey means a bit of rain also.

The soft of that moss is massively welcoming. I love the multi-hued greens, vibrant, and now awakened by spring. Life growing irrepressibly.

I suppose,
as I welcome this symbol to guide me,
that I seek in life,
the soft,
the welcoming,
the multi-hued,
the vibrant,
and an inner awakening,
a natural and
irrepressible growing.

The inner is always connected to the outer, isn’t it.

And in anything, is the everything.