Spontaneous Check-In Focus — No Holding Back

I was gifted this book of poems this week by a friend. “Glimpses” by Jim Quigley from Nelson, British Columbia. It’s beautiful on the outside and on the inside.

In the company of a few friends this week, I offered to thumb to a random poem within the book and use it as material to prompt some check-in and story sharing with each other.

Our question — “What’s holding you back these days?” Which pairs really well, like wine and cheese, with “Where are you feeling freedom these days to not hold back?”

The best of checking in, and story sharing, I find are often in the improv of the moment paired with the kindness of invitation to welcome story.

Enjoy this poem from the book. And whatever question you use to create connection.


No Holding Back

Who knows how many days they have left
How many chances
to spread a little passion
For many of us, today was the last day.

Let’s make a deal!

Let’s not hold anything back.
Tomorrow let’s leave nothing on the table.

Tomorrow night
let’s make the same deal again.