Already — A Poem To Start A New Year

For many of us, beginning of the calendar year has added energy of reflection and intention setting. For many of us, that reflection and intention setting brings us to aspirations. Sometimes to worries. For many of us, we seek simple habit, which is, often, to see clearly, and with kindness, what already is.

For me, morning journalling is, and has been, a regular reflective practice for many years now. I write. Sometimes a sentence or two burped out onto page. Sometimes a few paragraphs that walk me through a bit of wonder. Sometimes a poem, like the one below that woke from me this morning, on this start of a new calendar year and decade.

I find joy in welcoming simple in my psyche. Or the simple in my day to day living, an example of which is in the above photo — drying a sliced lemon, orange, and lime to use as Christmas Tree decorations.

I find serendipity in the surrender. Not as giving up. Burt rather, as accepting, and trying to know more the feeling of “moving with,” that, perhaps, already is, and is thriving.

Greetings in this new calendar year. May we each find enough of the insights and practices that so swirl within us, and among us. to do the good we can.



I wish to thrive.
I already am.

Cut the worry
for something already happening,
yet feared
for its absence.

Get simple.
I already am.

Celebrate the practice
of habit already entrained,
and helpful
for its presence.