Another Now


I continue to learn
that I do well
to welcome
one moment after the next,
to welcome
one now after another now.

Sometimes the now is
found in conversation
over coffee or tea with a friend,
when easy things
are mixed with hard things,
when laughter and tears swim together.

Sometimes the now is
found in quiet,
interrupted only
by a few “hmmmms”
that accompany
thoughtful listening to mystery.

There is hurt
that I know
in departures,
sometimes at the end of coffee
and sometimes,
at the end of touched mystery.

But I continue to learn
from the Zen way
of being that says,
“Everything is connected.
Everything changes.
Pay attention.”

I continue to learn
that these moments
with friends, colleagues, and family
when connection, and change, and attention are animated —
these nows,
fulfill me.