The Circle Way — An Anectdote

Recently I was with a group of people with whom I was able to introduce a very simplified version of using The Circle Way for groups of six people. It was an opportunity to practice. Real stuff of course. For this use of The Circle Way, I required them to use a talking piece and to go through the process of passing it around the circle (not popcorn). My hope was that participants would experienced a deeper layer of listening together. They did.

In processing with the group after, I invited the group of 40 to share. What was that like? Several favorable comments were shared about a different pace, a needed way of listening that was immediately evident.

My favorite comment, however was this one: “When you know you are going to get a chance to speak, there is less of a need to interrupt.”

That is the kind of comment, and practice, that could very well change an organization’s culture.

Just sayin’.