Mental Model Shift

There was a bit of a conversation happening last week on the Art of Hosting list serve. It’s a global group of practitioners connected by a few things that include a medium (list serve), some shared purpose (applied participative leadership practice), and a desire to learn together (from just beginning to multiple years of experience). It’s a comforting kind of list to me — definitely disturbs any thoughts of being alone. And it’s a wise group of people. People know stuff and are willing to share.

The conversation last week that caught my attention was on mental models. One person named a workshop that she was creating. She asked for examples of mental models. One participant, Lori from California (whom I don’t know) offered these five gems, each of which I relate to. I love her clarity of “from this to that.” I also love some of her invocation of entrepreneurial spirit.

  • I have to do it all myself ~ I have lots of support around me
  • I have to work for a company ~ I can be successful as a contractor/freelancer
  • If others don’t value me, I have no value ~ When I value myself with confidence others are drawn to me
  • The government (or organization, etc.) should solve that ~ I can do something to create a solution or improvement
  • I have no power in the situation ~ I always have power in the way I perceive, my attitude, and my choices – where I choose to focus.
 Just a bit of conversation. And some good wisdom.