This weekend I was a participant in a class (Friday – Sunday) that helped to stir the pot of “truth” a bit. It sparked this narrative for me (the narrative matters a ton — it’s what we then build experience and perception around).

  1. There is more unseen than there is seen. Always. It’s liberating, I find. And sometimes scary shit.
  2. The external reality comes from an internal perception. It ain’t objective out there. Or at least not completely, which is what many of us have been taught to believe.
  3. The internal appears as rigid, when in fact it is malleable. Thank you neuroscience through which I learn that plasticity is possible. Even deeply held emotions (and fear and trauma) that neurally entrain all kinds of stuff.
  4. The charge of the internal can be changed. There’s no wrong here. There’s no fixing. Just alternative “truths” for making sense of things. Sometimes as simple as more fruitful make-believe.
  5. People can change but don’t have to. Let’s be real. None of us pick up every opportunity for change and growth. Many of us don’t live in a privilege opportunity to live with such luxury. Feeding the kids is all that matters.

My favorite movies, books, and experiences have consistently been around themes of challenging what is real. Every spidey sense I have points to a need to be willing to explore what truth is. And perhaps laugh. Or cry.