The Tree of Dreams

A friend recently reminded me of Nic Askew’s work.

It’s exquisite, I find.

It’s magnetically compelling to see beauty, art, and human depth
applied to the practice of conscious seeing.

What I see in Askew’s work melts protective layers in me,
transporting me to much more raw heart
— within me and what I see in the world.

Enjoy this poem on dreams.

Many had gathered under the
tree of dreams.

All but one stood shaking its
branches for dreams
to fall.

Dreams that had been whispered
to them by the voices of

Dreams that would fade
with time.

But one sat quietly, waiting
for a dream to recognise his soul.

And to consume him with no doubt.


Ode to Curiosity

It has long been a mantra that I’ve carried with me — be present, be curious. Four words to reground me in my efforts — work, community, family, relationships. And who doesn’t need a bit of regrounding in the ultra-stimulated world that many of us know so well. ” Four words that act like a road-map for being a good human being.

This Nic Askew film that features Seth Godin is a well-spent four minutes and seventeen seconds. Seth Godin is a popular American author, writing often about the post industrial revolution. I really love this endorsement of curiosity — the invocation to explore, ask questions, wonder, and wander.

Thanks Christina Baldwin for sharing this with me.