In Difficult Times, We Disagree About Reality

“In difficult times, we disagree about reality. So we are drenched in false descriptions, verdicts, reasons that make no sense—we need to build a wall against Mexicans because, well, ISIS. Yes, that’s what delusion is like. The inner life counts, and is the beginning of addressing our condition. So the first task of the inner life is not to amplify the delusions, not to add hatred to hatred but to head in a different direction, to be openhearted without being gullible.”

It’s John Tarrant that wrote these words above. I haven’t met John, but he seems like a wise guy, in the best of ways. I have written about him before. He is, among other things, director of The Pacific Zen Institute. The full article, “How To Welcome The End of The World” is a read that I enjoyed, published in The Lion’s Roar. It’s all about welcome. Here’s some teasers:

  • Emptiness is Real
  • The Bodhisattva Path
  • Empathy
  • Being Companions to Each Other
  • We Don’t Need To Know How It’s Going To Come Out
  • A Little Note About Delusion
  • Who Am I Anyway
  • Trust and Welcome
  • The Apocalypse Also Needs Friends
  • The End of the World Is Here