This Inevitable Moment

A friend recently introduced me to the teachings of Jaggi Vasudev, more commonly known as Sadhguru, an East Indian yogi and mystic, now in his 60s. I’ve been watching and listening to videos. I really value inquiries and people that explore “what real is.”

I’m not sure that what I write below is true, but I’m enjoying dwelling in the words and thoughts. A mashup of Sadhguru teachings and my reflections. I can feel something attractive nibbling away at a protective layer that no longer even feels relevant.


Is this moment inevitable? 

Is this moment inevitable?
Yes, again.

There is practice needed to be connected to moments past and moments anticipated.
This is the work of mind.

There is something beyond mind, needed to be in this inevitable moment.
This is the work of spirit.

Life will take care of the emergence.
We need not fret over it.

Just like a good golf swing takes care of a good shot.
We need not fret over it, nor even watch for it.

If happiness comes from getting what we want,
what if, what we want and need, is already present?

Aligned because that is what life does, order for free,
and thus, happiness is present too.

There is pain in the world, indeed.
Suffering is a mind-created amplification.

There is ease in the world.
Happiness is a spirit-created amplification.