Granny Gould Roses

When my Grandma Gould, Fern Janet Gould, was getting up there in age, I decided to plant a rose bush in her honor. It was the spring of 2015. Grandma was 94. My Grandpa Gould, William Wesley Gould, had died earlier that spring. Grandpa was 98. I planted it in a spot right at the front of my home in Utah. It’s is like a welcoming beacon, which really was one of the ways that I remember my Grandparents. There was always room at the table for one more.

Grandma loved roses, always celebrating getting one in time for Father’s Day in Edmonton’s colder, northern climate. As you can see, this rose bush is in full bloom. Father’s Day is this Sunday.

Ample roses, that would have made my Grandma smile. And that makes me smile too.