Gunilla Norris on Silence

Her words continue to move me. Not to more action, nor to more hurriedness. Nor to more of more. Not to the external.

But rather, her words move me to the more of what is within. To quiet. To still. To insight and awareness that is generally there, just not accessible through the standard noise and speed of contemporary lifestyle.

Thank you Gunilla Norris. I’m glad for the reminder. As always, with self, or with group.


If we can simply learn to follow our breath
in a steady way — attending to the inhalation
and the exhalation until we feel that we are no longer
breathing, but are being breathed
— we have grown in practice.

The point of practice is not to perform,
but to participate — not to achieve specific experiences,
but to develop a new relationship with experience itself.

Still and Quiet

I’ve been with great people the last ten days. In very powerful connection and learning. In a way that has been very life-giving, affirming, satisfying, and generative. I feel like my brain and heart have been finely enhanced to be able to see and feel more. It’s an open and awed feeling, a bit, perhaps,  like realizing the library just doubled in size (and I have easy ability to read and access all of the extra).

I continue to learn that that’s what deliberate circle practice and circled way of being does. It enhances and amplifies us. I’m glad for that.

Today, however, points me to another fulfillment that also is quite affirming, satisfying, and generative. Today points me to a more introverted and quiet space. Or, to more internal, rather than the external. I continue to learn that there is great power and necessity to return to the still and quiet.

This morning, I wrote these words:

Still and Quiet

Though I appreciate
a certain high
that comes from juggling much,
or being efficient,
or accomplishment,
with many people,

I also need,
in well-placed moments,
and stretches,
to be with self,
still and quiet.