On Grief, And Tenderness

I met Marilyn Hamilton about ten years ago, I think. She came to a leadership conference that I was hosting. I think we had had contact before then also, when I worked with Margaret Wheatley. I remember Marilyn at the leadership conference — she was one of the participants that just knew what was going on and how to gracefully add to what was there. I’ve enjoyed her ever since, even though our encounters are few.

Today I ready Marilyn’s words of grief and tenderness at the passing of her life partner and husband earlier this year. I share some of that here because her words touch me. And because Marilyn, though in a grieving process, is able to name some of the dynamic, the shrinking of horizon for a moment. And because there is grief in the world for reasons ranging from personal to global.

Here’s one line that shares some of that. With encouragement to read and follow her work. She does much to grow the thoughtful connection needed to live in city and community.

“Grief has shrunk my world from horizons imagined beyond many tomorrows to the tasks of just today, and today and today.”