Today is a travel day for me. Dallas, Texas (after working in Denton) to Salt Lake City, Utah. My flight, Delta 463, was to depart at 12:15 p.m. Central Time. I boarded the plane as anticipated, sometime between 11:45 and 12:00. Seat 15A.

I dozed off to sleep pretty quickly, awaiting takeoff. It’s been a full week.

It turns out, there was no takeoff. The flight crew shared an announcement, something about a malfunctioned air pressure required to start the engine. If met, then the engine would function as it is supposed to. Apparently they’ve tried three “air carts.” None of it successful. Something to do with the heat — it’s been hovering in the high 90s / low 100s the last couple of days. They are now awaiting a waiver from the safety people in Atlanta — I’m glad there is protocol in place for safety.

Aside from juggling my pick-up in Salt Lake City (my son driving 45 minutes to get me), I’m not as impacted as others. We got water. There’s air conditioning. There’s power (watch movies, email, some reading and writing). They are about to bring out snacks — my question to the flight attendant was about how long they would wait to bring snacks. I don’t like arriving late to Salt Lake City, but I can get plenty done.

There is, however, growing stress on the plane as people think about their connecting flights and realize they won’t make them. So, there’s a flurry of people checking the smart phone for alternative plans. I’m a bit weirdly curious about the range of reactions with my fellow passengers. It’s a day and age when people have many options through personal devices.

The Delta staff are doing a good job. This is where they earn some additional stripes, required to amp up their communications, their comfort and counseling, their administrative help. And the snacks. There is a bunch of logistical implications for people. I’m watching it all. And typing this blog.

Sometimes I like the feeling of “waiting — what are you gonna do?” And, “waiting, might as well get creative.” Or just be helpful with other people, in case needed. Stay calm.

This waiting might just connect some of us.