Three Hungers

It was a friend that shared appreciation for the description of an upcoming gathering that I’m co-hosting with Kinde Nebeker. The gathering is May 11, 2018. It’s at Snowbird, Utah. It’s the fourth offering that Kinde and I have created — each under the header of “Evolutionary Leadership.” Kinde and I continue to learn and explore what evolutionary leadership means. We continue to find it helpful — and thus follow our intuitions with it. We continue to learn and explore what it is as a focus for being with others who are hungry.

May 11th will be a small, intimate group. We will be up in Utah’s mountains. We will be in a spacious home, turning to one another from comfortable couches and cups of tea. Maybe a fire burning in the corner.

My friend’s appreciation included the word below. I think of each of these statements as a hunger. I know the hungers in me. I know them in others. I utterly value convenings that expand me, and expand us, around such things. With hopes of doing good with those around us. And often, with a “less is more” kind of feel.

• for those willing to embody matured courage and presence to support real change

• for those hungry to wade further upstream to release us from the torrent of habits, individual and collective, that offer at best convenience and illusion of accomplishment

• for those who realize that the primary practice is consciousness, in which is embedded leadership in organizational system, not the other way around.

Join us?