Holiday Wishes



This is the mountain, Timpanogos, that I live near. I took the picture on a recent walk with my dog. I’ve cropped the picture, because I love the blue sky against the white snowcapped peaks (about 12,000 feet). I like the descent to the late autumn browns of the lower elevation. I like that there is a tiny bit of shadow in the corner. I’ve cropped out the many buildings that populate the three miles between my place and the base of Timpanogos — artist’s choice. Those buildings, however, include homes of simple people making ends meet and people who have abundant wealth. Restaurants ranging from funky to neon-illuminated fast foods. Industry that includes high tech and tire stores.

Life has the full spectrum, a full range, doesn’t it.

My holiday wishes for other and for self is a simple enjoyment of the beauty before us. A noticing. Whether the mountain peak or the stacked plastic chairs on the one bedroom apartment balcony that will have to wait until spring to be used again for ten minutes of coffee and blue sky in an unimaginably full day.

I am grateful for the many people in my life.  Family, friends, colleagues, and sometimes strangers in moments that only last 45 seconds — yesterday riding a long escalator up from the LINK train station in Seattle, young parents were inviting their young kids to marvel at the length (it was an impressive three stories worth) of the escalator. The four year old starting singing, “It’s a long way to Tipperary,” the WWI song. I was standing in front of them. Smiled. And shared with the parents, joyfully, “I didn’t expect to hear that song today.” The mom smiled, “especially from a four year-old.”

Happy Holidays.

With appreciation, and welcome of shared beauty,