To Be Touched

The book “Embers” by Richard Wagamese is good. Really good. Each page can be used (even randomly) as immediate direction.

It is a collection of Ojibway meditations, a few of which were fresh for me on the weekend. Here’s one used to set tone for the beginning of a thoughtful gathering:

“I don’t want to touch you skin to skin. I want to touch you deeply, beneath the surface, where our real stories lie. Touch you where the fragments of our being are, where the sediment of things that shaped us forms the verdant delta of our human story. I want to bump against you and feel the rush of contact and ask important questions and offer compelling answers, so that together we might learn to live beneath the surface, where the current bears us forward deeper into the great ocean of shared experience. This is how I want to touch and be touched — through beings — so that someday I might discover that even the skin remembers.”

Ahhh, love it!