Collapse Watch

I’ve been reading Dave Pollard’s blog again. He’s thoughtful and thorough.

One of Dave’s recent posts was named “Collapse Watch.” It’s full adventure into collapse of industrial society.

Dave’s a truth-teller (as much as that can be called a thing). I find in my interactions with Dave that he’s not trying to sell a truth. It’s not a fire sale. It’s not a loud commercial. It’s not a manipulation to get me to do something. It’s more of a description. Like describing the birds chirping in the morning. It’s not, “that was a good bird and that was a bad bird and we should get rid of that bird and we should keep that bird.” It’s just, “hear the birds — chances are they’ll keep chirping whether you listen or not.”

Give Dave’s post a full read. Give yourself some time. And then maybe a bit of reflection as the birds chirp.

Lean in, even if just for a moment. Not all truths are easy, are they.