Taken In

Sometimes, it’s just the kindness of a stranger that help us get from stuck to unstuck. We all need this at some point. Sometimes it’s temporary refuge, offering kindness, or a place to stay. Sometimes it’s time in a forest at a familiar place, like the one above for me.

I’ve had a few of these people in my life. And learned to accept the kindness from another. Some of that inspired some of this, a poem about being taken in, about being welcomed.


When Strangers Take Us In

There are times in our lives
when strangers take us in.

They pilot us to temporary landing.
They offer us a shared meal
from what they have.

They welcome us to their friends,
and to their kin.

They give us home
until we can sort ourselves out,
until we can remember
enough of who we are.

I’m glad for that.