Turning 1000

My first blog post was October 14, 2006. I wrote about my daughter Zoe as “Old Soul, Learning Partner.” She was 11. I’d invited her to sit with me and some of the people I was working with. I love it that this first post was about her.

So, it’s been 12 years now. WordPress tells me that today’s post is my 1,000th. Fun, right. Only 9,000 more to go!

I love the practice of writing. I love the aspect of blogging that is “learning in public.” I love the sense-making that arises from writing to develop thinking. Sometimes, we don’t know what we think until we say it out loud, or write it into words.

My blogging has included a few years of very sporadic posting. A renewed desire to share, followed by three months of nothing. And then there were the times of just doing it more often — once a week.

However, it was three years ago that I changed the name and the frequency of this blog. I changed the name from “Blog” (I know, exciting, right) to “Human to Human.” I loved being able to nuance the background intention — “to inspire reflection, individually and communally, on varied aspects of participative leadership practices, insights, and human to human depth.” I have to have the connection to the human depth — and “the thing behind the thing.” I changed the frequency from “whenever” to daily, Monday through Thursday (taking some weeks off, just because or for other writing).

I’m glad for those who read. I’m glad for those who share insights. I’m glad for those that contribute to my evolution and how any of us lean into an evolution together. As humans. As humans in quite a range of adventure, joyous to sorrowful.

So, in turning 1000, I offer a few words written by a friend engaged in Margaret Wheatley’s Warriors for the Human Spirit program. My friend has asked me to keep the anonymity of attribution. But these words, and this friend inspire me to keep opening to the full range of humanness in times such as these.

Here’s to our growth, our realness, our practices of consciousness, of kindness, and flow with life itself — all of us.


Warriors for the Human Spirit
are awake human beings
who have chosen not to flee.
They abide.
They serve as beacons of an ancient story
that tells of the goodness and generosity
and creativity of humanity.
You can identify them by their cheerfulness.
You will know them by their compassion.
When asked how they do it
they will tell you about discipline, dedication
and the necessity of community.