Three Practices to Clear the Inner Climate

I love the moments of sweet and simple clarity. Simplicity on the other side of complexity.

While the Copenhagen Climate Talks are on, dialogues are talking place around the world. People young and old. People in all countries. People who care. What a thing to live in such a time when the deadly serious can be addressed and accessed by so many, when local action can emerge.

Below is one example, from colleagues and friends including Toke Moeller in Denmark. A dialogue hosted by young people that included brainstorming practices that would immediately help clear the inner climate. An 18 minute ClimateTV video is here. The full post on Toke’s site, including some other inspiring links, is here. I love the section on beingness an doingness spoken by a lovely monk from the Hindu tradition — “every doing has such a limited framework…there is always someone who will undo you doing.” The gems are below. Thanks Toke, all.

1) There is enough if we share. Share it.
2)We all have a choice. Choose on behalf of the planet.
3)We are nature. Find your natural rhythm.

Breathe. Move. Laugh. Rest.

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