Harvest — Utah Participative Leadership Appetizer

Just completed a half day appetizer on participative leadership, co-hosted with my colleague and friend, Kathy Lung. Sponsored by the Salt Lake Center for Engaging Community and The Berkana Institute, it was well attended. Forty people — business professionals, clergy leaders, community activists, caring citizens.

It was a helpful progression from conversations on purpose of participative leadership, to a model for understanding, to a cafe on important questions for the Salt Lake Valley. I loved feeling the sense of possibility. I loved feeling the hunger in people and in myself. The yearning for tools, for community, and I believe, a next level of understanding of participative and creative consciousness. Some of us beginning projects. Many of us who are in projects and want to work them at the next level and in support with others in the area.

Looking forward to the next appetizer in January. A chance to build further this local community, these local teams and organizations in a next level of practice of participative leadership in the Salt Lake Valley. And then to move into our monthly Leadership Development Series and September Art of Hosting deep-dive training.

A few of the harvests are below.

Invitation — Context of the day.

Why does participative leadership matter to you? — Gems from triad conversations shared to the whole group.

Questions (Harvested by participant Jennifer Johnson) — What is your question to host?

Photos, Flipcharts, Cafe Notes

Resources — Websites, Blogs, Books, Contact Information for Next SL Valley Gathering

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