“Only the Dead Don’t Improvise”

OK, I really enjoy improv theatre and principles. As practice, haven’t had so much, but welcome it. I’m old enough to release more of the nervousness that I couldn’t have previously.

“Only the Dead Don’t Improvise” is a chapter title in the book, Everything’s An Offer, by Robert Poynton. The chapter headings alone are enough to feel very alive. Such invitations. Such offerings of relationship.

The principles that arise from improv are spoken with more simplicity than I have seen anywhere. And the inherent aspect of play is such a different energy. As helpful as anything I know when married to the world view of living systems.

From Robert’s book, “let go, notice more, use everything.” I’ll use this simplicity this weekend in a workshop I’m hosting on participative leadership.

And also, this list of similarities and needs shared by organizations and improv creators. Again, I’ll use these in a workshop soon.

-work with scarce resources
-under massive time pressure
-unpredictable circumstances
-required to produce a constant stream of innovation
-required to use cocreative and collaborative methods
-must thrive on constant change
-deliver an enormous amount of satisfaction to customers and themselves

Only the dead don’t improvise. Good myth-busting here, isn’t it. Thanks Robert.

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