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About Kathy Lung — My current work is to be in the co-creation of social change through meaningful conversation.  My exploration is in the discovery of who & how we would be if we were to “dare to be naïve” (Buckminster Fuller).  I am learning and experiencing the fullness of this exploration through my work with The Art of Hosting and specifically in working with and sharing in conversation with Tenneson.

About Tenneson Woolf, The Berkana Institute — I am a consultant, practitioner of change, and group process artist. I am dedicated to what is possible when we explore the heart of our work and the edges of our communities. I use participative leadership methodologies, maps, and models as strategy to create helpful meetings and inquiries. I have hosted interactive processes at large conferences, worked with many teams, and coached many individuals in diverse organizations – from hospitals to financial planning associations, from universities to faith communities, from corporate clients to labor unions. I am a steward of two communities of practice: The Art of Hosting and The World Café. I work locally with The Salt Lake Center for Engaging Community supporting and designing local dialogues on living in healthy community. www.berkana.org; www.tennesonwoolf.com.

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