About The Art of Hosting

www.artofhosting.org — The Art of Hosting and Convening Meaningful Conversations is a training and practice retreat for all who aspire to lead by engaging with interactive ways of working with groups and teams. It is for leaders—those who want to help—community builders, teachers, social workers, youth workers, trainers, social innovators, administrators, community leaders, consultants, entrepreneurs, politicians. The Art of Hosting and Convening Meaningful Conversations is offered in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and North and South America. We are a growing community of practitioners,supporting each other to further our ability to facilitate co-creative learning and problem-solving.

The Art of Hosting practice has been used to support numerous profit and non-profit organizations in large scale change including:

  • Community Health Reform in Ohio
  • Faith Community Democracy Planning in Indiana
  • Navajo Health Services Innovation New Mexico
  • Social Innovation Labs in the UK
  • Strengthening Families Initiatives in Illinois
  • Aboriginal Youth Initiatives in British Columbia 
  • Labor Union planning in Ontario

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