Art of Hosting Design — From Engage Interact

From colleagues Tim Merry, Tatiana Glad and others. These questions are really strong and created breakthrough thinking for all involved.

Day One – Protection
What is sacred to me?
What am I protecting?
What time is it for me and my world? What do I wish to protect in myself and the world?
How does protection show up in hosting?
What is hosting protecting?
Day Two – Death and Hospicing
What is ready to die in me and my world?
What do we know about hosting death?
What are our questions about hosting graceful passage?
What beliefs hold me back from my full potential as a host and human?
Day Three – Hosting Emergence – the new
What is emerging here? What is emerging everywhere?
What is the new I commit to support in myself and life?
How do we host emergence?
How can we host space invaders?
Day Four – Bridging and Illuminating
How capable is humanity of dealing with intense and rapid change?
What do I want to share with others?
What is the path I am building as I walk it?
What is the bridge (in me and life) between the old and the new?

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