Remembering and Celebrating Flow

Daybreak, oquirrh waters, stones stacked, flow, water

Dana and I walked last weekend along a trail and creek near where we live. We love the simplicity of the creek. And the togetherness.

We left a few little stacked and balanced stones in the evening sun.

I found a few words. And stacked them. Prosed them. It’s a little attention to the simple story in the way that I so often love. And a little reminder of life flowing, and what a celebration that is.

There is 
so much
in this

Go with
and celebrate

For inspiration.

Learn Now

Learn Now.

It’s a theme that keeps coming for me. When I’m trying to get at what lives underneath. Sometimes in my own learning. Sometimes with others. Sometimes in Life’s unfolding simplicity and complexity.

Learn Now.

From the path. From the blossoms so abundant in Spring. From the people blossoming near and far. From the distant view. From the close in. From what is smooth. From what is rough. From what is constant. From what changes.

Learn Now. There’s always something. And somethings.

It’s a call to the belly for me. That brings heart alive. That brings intuition alive. That brings wonder alive. That brings contribution alive.

Learn Now.

Learn Nowness. Learn Now, in present moment. Of present moment. Learn of what is alive. Of patterns. Of unfolded life. Of Life coming to claim us.

Learn Now.

To be people in connection, sorting it all. The best we can.

Learn Now. Yup. Pretty themed on this one.

Today Is A Return Day

Today is a return day.

From travel. It’s been 13 days of cathedrals, vineyards, castles, and rivers. It’s been dear ones. Thank you France, Luxembourg, Germany, and Switzerland.

Today is a return day.

To this laptop. To emails needing attention. To projects and people ready to go. To sorting details left in short pause.

I prefer returns that “bring with” more than returns that “chunk” parts of me to leave behind. Or to forget.

I prefer remembering the coffees together. The immensity of cathedral and castle. The smooth glide of river boat. The feel of cobblestone under feet. The newness of love. The awe of things and peoples from very long ago.

Today is a return day.

From unique spaciousness of holiday.

Today is a return day.

To ongoing everythings.

It means start somewhere. It means celebrate. It means integrate. With added attention to kindness. With added and deliberate appreciation.

Today is a return day.

To life flowing in the other ways. Some small. Some large. Some simple. Some complex. Some with difficult sorrow. Some with exquisite joy flowing.

Start Again — A Poem of Beginnings

Start Again

I said goodbye to my parting parents.
On they went after five days reconnected.
It’s old and familiar belonging.
It’s slowed time that heals.
And then the speed of postponed things returns.
Good things, yet this transition unsteadies.

But then I start again.

That phone call was jarring.
This time my dear son in deep struggle.
It’s old and familiar pain. 
I hope it can transform some day.
This isn’t a call that vanishes quickly. 
It, and the worry in me, bakes.

But then I start again.

That other jarring text. 
Of blame and hurtful assertions. 
It’s old and familiar narrowness.
It’s words that drip with exploiting judgement.
It’s ridiculously unfair. 
Punishing in tone.

But then I start again.

Start again.
In new day,

or in new hour, refreshed.
With kindness.
With clarity.
It’s what I know.

To start again.