Moved — A Poem of Claiming Transitions

Tenneson Woolf, Most Mornings, Moved, Prose, Claiming

In recent offering of my poetry, I shared that “most of my poetry is a response to a question that I’m wanting to understand or sometimes answer.”

This poem below is included in Most Mornings. “Moved” was a response to my questions about transitions. The kids getting older. Noting how things got different.

And then taking the personal to the universal. Naming that it is important for any of us to notice that we are meant to move our spirits, our souls. To be in transition. And to claim what inspires us, what we are “moved” to be.



The kids are gone now.
Moved to their young-adult lives.
Partnered with people and with life.
Geographied more distantly.
Exploring life, as I”d always wished for them.

What once was semi-regular morning squeals of delight,
jumping on the bed,
has become periodic evening phone calls,
sharing questions or stories of learning from the day.

There comes a time,
when most of us need to face,
or confront,
or evolved,
who we are now moved to be.

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