For My Children

OK, so this is a short piece about being a dad. I am dad to 13 year-old Zoe, 11 year-old Isaac, and 3 year-old Elijah. Particularly when I think of Zoe and Isaac, I feel this desire to welcome a social awareness and activism in them. I have a desire to share resources with them — websites, emails, cartoons, movies, groups, websites, people — and then just be in conversation with them. Active, curious, learning, loving conversation. Playful. Serious. Real. Not all are full hits. And on some I am not sure.

But here are a few tidbits that come my way, starting now. My criteria for including them here is the simple reaction that I have in seeing them myself that makes me say, I’d really like Zoe, or Isaac, or Elijah to see this. My dad identity is very strong. My colearning indentity with these old souls that I sometimes refer to as my children is very strong. I put there here because this learning has some spirit that is everything to do with any professional work that I do.
Forwarded from Caitlin Frost — “I found this video so moving as a reminder of the human goodness and joy all around the world. I nice reminder when there is so much international doom and gloom in the news. It is a fun watch for kids also. Enjoy.
The feature-length documentary ReGeneration goes beyond the labels of “Generation X” and “Generation Y.” ReGeneration looks at the many issues facing our culture through the eyes of today’s youth and young adults by exploring how we have been shaped by our media, education system, and parenting.

Christian the Lion (1 minute)
Reunion of a pet lion in the wild with two people that raised him. Thanks Bud Holland.

World Peace Day (Movie) — Trailer (2 minutes)
An inspiring website and video about World Peace Day – 21 September 2008. Thanks Jennifer Jones.

Adam Bender — Baseball Player (2 minutes)
Adam Bender, 8, is one of several kids who plays catcher in Southeastern’s rookie league at Veterans Park. What makes Adam stand out is that he plays one of the toughest positions on the field with only one leg. Thanks Larry Lires.

The Girl Effect — Several Videos and Materials
“A simple, clear expression of how women and girls are changing their communities. I found this very powerful. The video is also be used by CARE on their website.” Thanks Meg Wheatley

You Are Worth The Time (7 Minutes)
I love the message in this about art, our expressions or art, our process on creating, being as important as air to breath. And I like how many of my colleagues and I are describing ourselves as process artists. Thanks Harold Aldrich, cohost in Florida.

Did You Know (5 Minutes)
A video on the staggering rate of information change and availability. Thanks Jerry Nagel.

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